[Foss4g2008loc] Floor plan & Budget

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Fri Nov 16 10:41:21 EST 2007

Petro Farrell wrote:

> *	I have received a quote for "Walkie Talkies" / Two way radios. One
> radio is R513 (incl Vat and extra batteries) for the 6 days. How many do you
> think we'll need? I thought for at least  - Gavin,Carrin, Inge Karryn and
> myself? What do you think?

Sea to Sky took care of the provision of the radios,
so I don't know the costs. They had a charger that
held 10(I think) radios at once, and all the radios
were charged each night.

For 2007, we used 6(I think) radios at a time. You will
need to have extras in case of any problems - the radios
are vital to running the conference, so there must
be spares available(we used 1 or 2 of our spares).

All three of the onsite Sea to Sky staff had a radio
for the entire time that they were onsite.

As workshop Chair, I had a radio the entire time I
was onsite, as did the Volunteer Coordinator. Our
original plan was to have one each plus another one
that would be used, in rotation, by a member of the
Workshop Committee (as an extra helper), but we
didn't end up doing it that way.

The onsite Audio-Visual/WiFi company also had a radio
for much of the conference, but I don't think this
was planned, however, it became a necessity given the
Internet connectivity problems (both hardwired and WiFi).

We used the radios for the entire conference,
including the setup day on Sunday. We didn't do any
testing of the radios beforehand, because Sea to Sky
had used them in the conference centre for other
events, and knew they worked properly.

The conference centre staff were not using the radios.
If we needed them, we just used the in-house phone
system to reach someone.

For me, although I went into the conference with a
different expectation, I was 'on the radio' for the
entire conference, and didn't get to attend any of the
Workshops, Labs, or Presentations. If you expect that
people carrying radios will be able to go to any of
these, yet still be 'on the radio' in case they are
needed, you need to consider having earpieces, because
the noise of the radio traffic would be too disruptive.

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