[Foss4g2008loc] Prospectus comments

Carrin Martin Carrin.Martin at mrc.ac.za
Mon Nov 19 09:00:23 EST 2007

I realise that its now getting late to make comments on the prospectus,
but I has a look at it this weekend and the following struck me.
At 26 pages it too long and we need to find ways of making it much
- there are several pages with only half writing, and we need to double
up where possible.  
- The list of past delegates that attended could be two columns, with
initial capitals, on one page. 
- The letters of endorsement could go at the bottom of pg 9 as part of
the conference fact sheet. 
I tried to think how a sponsor would think when they were presented with
such a document, and here is my 2 cents worth:
1. what is this document about and why am I getting it? 
- open to 'Invitation to Sponsor from the Conference Chair' the from the
chair which gives an overview of what the document is about  (1 page) 
2.  OK, so this is about a Geospatial conference, who are these people
and why are they doing this?
- the page on OSGeo, GISSA and FOSS4G with a short paragraph about the
theme/a short rationale for the conference, the LOC (2 pages) 
3. tell me a bit more about the conference, I see that its in Cape Town,
- next the page with the venue, anticipated numbers, programme, the
conference fact sheet, (3 pages)
4. is this the first FOSS4G conference or is there a history, and if so,
tell me briefly about the previous conference so that I can see if its
worth my while to be involved. 
- next, facts about 2007,where it was, delegate numbers, who the big
sponsors were and links to their web pages (2 pages)
5. OK, now you have my attention, tell me how I can get involved.
- sponsorship options.  
the scientist in me wants a bit more structure, with numbers or main
headings.  I find the Table of Contents page a bit confusing, there is
lots of information but I'm not sure how it flows.  
again apologies

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