[FOSS4G2008LOC] Re: Agenda and input for LOC meeting 4 Oct

Gavin Fleming GavinF at mintek.co.za
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I think you were just confused by daylight saving time ;-). Was 16h00
GMT + 2 confusing?


But point taken, we'll use the TimeandDate site in future.


We've just had a productive budget meeting. I'll circulate notes soon.





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For future meetings it might be easier to explain the exact time of

the meeting by using this site:








On 10/3/07, Gavin Fleming <gavinjfleming at gmail.com> wrote:


> Thursday LOC meeting 4 Oct:


> Communication: Skype (phlemingo) and / or  IRC #foss4g2008


> 16h00 GMT+2 for 2 hours max, 'Blue room', 12th floor, Building 9,



>  Agenda


> Brief feedback from FOSS4G2007


> Schedule of activities and allocation of roles - refer to attached

> Project output.


> LOC Governance document: approval and publication

> LOC and OSGeo agreement: discussion

> Budget: brief discussion and issues for PeopleSA budget meeting on 5th

> Sponsorhip and exhibitors:


> Non-SA OSGeo members - assist in approaching international sponsors

> SA members: who will approach whom

> Get OSGeo and GISSA contact databases

> Finalise prospectus

> floorplan discussion


> Conference programme: discussion - mainly to confirm rooms and numbers

> the main components and sequence


> Website: decision about hosting and framework

> Skin, theme, look 'n feel, logo, for website an conference generally


>  this might be too much for our first meeting! Priorities for me are

> sponsorship and website.


>  If anyone wants to table any input or motions before the meeting

> send to the list. Anything to give direction and cut waffle will be

> appreciated!



> cheers


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