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Karryn Gracey karryn at peoplesa.co.za
Mon Oct 15 11:00:06 EDT 2007

Hi Graeme,

Petro and I have prior commitments for the 24 , 25 and 26 October that we
can unfortunately not cancel. I hope you are able to attend - it would be
great to meet all the people that we will be working with over the next 12
months. (should you not be in the Kruger Park) Otherwise we can keep the
meeting as 11am next Tuesday and email you the minutes? I will email you
tomorrow with details of the meeting venue.


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Hi Karryn and Dewald

I might have to be at a meeting in the Kruger Park on the 23rd, but am
trying to teleconference rather, so will be able to confirm tomorrow. If I
have to attend, I can do 25th or 26th. I am at the CSIR, so, like Dewald,
should have no problem meeting in Hatfield or nearby.


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Hi Karryn,
I am freely available on Tuesday. I am based in Brooklyn, so I'm around the
corner from Hatfield. I'm quite happy to meet at your offices.
Please send a confirmation of the meeting once all parties have agreed on a


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Hi Graeme and Dewald,


I spoke with Gavin this morning about meeting with you as soon as possible
regarding the website , registration etc. 

He suggested that we meet without him initially and should we need his input
we can contact him to be at a possible second meeting.


Petro and I are unable to meet this week . We would like to invite Jerome
and Etienne, our directors to be at this meeting .

Our head office is in  Hatfield , Pretoria. We are all available next
Tuesday , 23 October between 11 -1pm . Would it be possible to meet at that
time either at our offices or yours?


Please let us know if the above time suits your schedule . If you are
unavailable please give us alternative times and dates. Preferrably in the






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