[Foss4g2008loc] Blast from Past

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Fri Oct 19 14:27:41 EDT 2007

When thinking about overall program, it's interesting to go back and  
see what happened in the past, and that can mean, farther back...


In '05 I note a couple interesting things that differed from '07.

First, the workshops started an hour earlier and ended an hour later,  
for 4 hour sessions.  I had people complaining about no break in my 3- 
hour session this year, so a 4-hour session would necessitate a  
break, but over 3.5 hours of teaching time could be easily gotten.   
However, that required an 8am start. (!)

I was interested to note that the program was already 5-tracks wide  
in '05, I hadn't really registered that.  I hope we can avoid going  
any wider again this year.

Finally, '05 kept the opening plenary mercifully brief, only devoting  
2 hours to it, and leaving enough space to slip in a round of  
concurrent sessions.  Again, this necessitated an 8am start.

Fun fun!


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