[Foss4g2008loc] SA to adopt ODF and GML as government standards

Wilhelm Herbst wherbst at openspatial.co.za
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Hi Gavin

Thanks for the link.

We have now almost completed a Mapguide Open Source application which is
better than out old MapGuide 6.5  sites.  Martiens is giving a
presentation today in Nelspruit to there GISSA on this.  We will also be
giving a presentation at GISSA Gauteng





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Hi all


In line with its Open Source / Open Standards policy, the SA government
has made ODF, GML and various other open standards national standards
for all government communication. See message and article below. The
Tectonic article has a link to the official pdf with all the detail. 





From: Quinn Reynolds 
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Subject: MLUG - For interest: SA to adopt ODF as government standard


ODF is the "Open Document Format", a file standard for spreadsheets,
word processor documents, and other office productivity applications.
It's similar to Microsoft's .xls, .doc, etc formats, only open for
anyone to implement :-)

ODF is the primary document format of the open source OpenOffice suite.



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