[Foss4g2008loc] FOSS4G 2008 logo designer

Andre Schoonbee andresch at iway.na
Mon Oct 29 15:28:10 EDT 2007

Hi All


May I give 1c worth of input.


An idea for the logo..


What about the table mountain / bay area as seen from Blouberg area, but
half of the mountain is image (like 3d rendered) and half is wire frame
(like contours)


Just a thought.







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I like all 3, but preference goes: Concept 2 (fresh idea using a national
symbol), Concept 1 (Cape Town, nice for branding), then Concept 3 (community
idea, but I feel little association with the conference)..


My Zim$10000 worth,





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Good Day All. 


We have received quotes from 3 different designers, below is a summary:






Concepts / Ideas



R 4 250


Did not submit concepts



R 2 000


Did not submit concepts



R 2 100


Submitted concepts as requested



Between Dewald and I, we have decided to go with Vincent as the designer, he
as thought about the purpose of the logo and has come up with fresh concepts
and creative ideas. His pricing is very competitive too.  


To be able to appoint him to do the work, what kind of process needs to be
followed? What kind of contract do we need to sign with him? And who needs
to sign it. Will a letter of appointment suffice? 


I have attached his 3 concepts for the design of the logo. We would like
some opinions on these, which one you prefer, so that we can use one of them
as a starting point to develop the logo. 


Looking forward to your response.


Kind regards







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