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Thanks Inge and Dewald, nice work. 
My personal choice is #1. I like the design, fonts and colours. It's simple and clean and could be the logo as is. You mention 'starting point to develop the logo'. I'm not sure it needs to go further! But no objection to seeing other ideas. 
#1 seems to be emerging as a favourite. Let's wait for some more responses. 
I agree with Tyler: The deal with Vincent needs to include variations (format, resolution, size) of the logo for different media as well as the rest of the design components for the website (and other media too), like top/side bar graphics, colour definitions, etc. We're going to be seding out sponsorship letters soon so let's move quickly. 
Contracting and finances: I might as well fill you in beyond the immediate discussion. We now have a conference bank account and all transactions will go through it. Any money we receive will be deposited there. Generally payments will be made from that account by PeopleSA upon LOC approval. 
So basically, Inge, you guys (with LOC input where you need it) quickly work up Vincent's proposal to a point where we can approve it, then he and PeopleSA will sign it and I'll approve payment when the work's done.
PS: just came across this ICA logo to add to the mix (attached)


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Good Day All. 


We have received quotes from 3 different designers, below is a summary:






Concepts / Ideas



R 4 250


Did not submit concepts



R 2 000


Did not submit concepts



R 2 100


Submitted concepts as requested



Between Dewald and I, we have decided to go with Vincent as the designer, he as thought about the purpose of the logo and has come up with fresh concepts and creative ideas. His pricing is very competitive too.  


To be able to appoint him to do the work, what kind of process needs to be followed? What kind of contract do we need to sign with him? And who needs to sign it. Will a letter of appointment suffice? 


I have attached his 3 concepts for the design of the logo. We would like some opinions on these, which one you prefer, so that we can use one of them as a starting point to develop the logo. 


Looking forward to your response.


Kind regards







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