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Graeme McFerren gmcferren at csir.co.za
Tue Oct 30 05:23:00 EDT 2007

I like each of the designs for different reasons

Concept 1: Locates the conference geographically and seems the most convincing melding of the ribbon and a South African feel. It would work in banner form, would need work in more squarish form. Too similar to the FOSS4G2007 logo on some level???

Concept 2: This seems likeliest to be fashionable into different forms, banners, buttons, flows for e.g. Quite busy though. I like the idea of the "flowering of open-source GI in Africa", but that could just be me getting a bit misty-eyed.

Concept 3: The emphasis is in the right place, I feel: on people. Does FOSS4G2008 want to be about the location or what it aims to achieve?  Work would have to be done to extend the logo to the different requirements of web/ print but a rock art theme would be fantastic! 

So I was going to go for concept 2, but just writing this has made me favour concept 3.


>>> "Inge Netterberg" <inge.netterberg at gmail.com> 10/29/07 4:09 PM >>>
Good Day All. 


We have received quotes from 3 different designers, below is a summary:






Concepts / Ideas



R 4 250


Did not submit concepts



R 2 000


Did not submit concepts



R 2 100


Submitted concepts as requested



Between Dewald and I, we have decided to go with Vincent as the designer, he
as thought about the purpose of the logo and has come up with fresh concepts
and creative ideas. His pricing is very competitive too.  


To be able to appoint him to do the work, what kind of process needs to be
followed? What kind of contract do we need to sign with him? And who needs
to sign it. Will a letter of appointment suffice? 


I have attached his 3 concepts for the design of the logo. We would like
some opinions on these, which one you prefer, so that we can use one of them
as a starting point to develop the logo. 


Looking forward to your response.


Kind regards







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