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Maybe it's not clear enough in the Prospectus for 2008 but it is there,
that ANY level of support would be accepted and is up for discussion. It
can be 'in-kind' or financial. In-kind could be volunteering, loaning
computers, whatever. Some of these items are listed. 


Then there's also the option of purchasing an exhibition stand (about
USD1500 for 3x3m early bird with discount). There is a discount for NGO
and government and educational institutions. 


Do you have anything in mind? Who are the small players and what amounts
would they like to offer? And what are they looking for in return? We
can then look at including clearer options in the Prospectus. 




2008 conference chair



Dear conference committee,


Last year I commented to some people that FOSS4G2007 sponsorship was out
of price for small companies and that this was in my opinion a bad thing
since small organizations could not show their support for the event by
sponsoring it. It was agreed that our community is for the most part
constituted of individuals and small organizations and we said at the
time that we'd try to do better in future years.


Well, I came across the FOSS4G2008 sponsorship doc and the situation
doesn't seem to have improved:



If I read this right, the lowest sponsorship level costs 40,000 ZAR,
which would be about 5k$ (is that right?)... about the same price range
as FOSS4G2007 if I remember correctly, so there is no room for the small
players this year either.


What's the plan for 2009? Have we tought about making room for lower
levels of sponsorship?


I have heard the whole argument about the lower levels of sponsorship
diluting the value of the higher levels... but come on, this is not the
Google/Autodesk annual meeting... let's try to be creative and try to
give the small players a chance to get their logo up there and show
their support for the event and OSGeo as a whole (FOSS4G2006 could do it
so that's not impossible).




Daniel Morissette



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