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Hallo Carrin


I agree with your approach and we must make certain that we have answers to
these questions before money is going out.  Just to ensure that the foss
people do some marketing and get sponsors.







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Apologies for the silence, I was in Nigeria last week and am now playing
catch-up with my mail. 


As finances are going to become critical, I suggest that we have monthly
reports on what is coming in and going out.


Please could we have current status reports on the following: 

1. who has committed to sponsorship and for how much. 


2. who has shown an interest and for how much


3. how the sale of the stands is going and what marketing is happening - do
we need to be more persistent with local vendors?


4. what international marketing has taken place - where have ads been placed

(Inge - did you manage to contact the web site I sent you?)


5. how local marketing is happening.  I think we need regular notices to
GISSA members as well as to SAGI and PLATO members. What is that other body
who register GIS people under their natural science umbrella?  


6. at some stage we will need to keep track of registration numbers and



Carrin Martin



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Hi all


I'm noticing lots of activity on the LOC, but a lot of it is among
individuals or to me. Please everyone, keep most FOSS4G 2008 communication
on this list. 

(or the workshop_dev or edu_discuss lists as appropriate)


You're welcome to address your message to an individual, but at least the
list sees it and anyone can pipe up.


If you need a response give a deadline and if nobody responds by then, then
make a call yourself. 


If you are responsible for a task yourself please ensure our scheduled
deadlines are met, don't wait for me or anyone else if input is not
forthcoming with fair warning, just make it happen.


There are very few cases where you must send a personal e-mail. If it's
confidential or sensitive use the -private list (only core LOC members). 




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