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Petro Farrell petro at peoplesa.co.za
Wed Apr 9 10:31:25 EDT 2008

Hi Zoltan,

Included in the each 3x3 stand are 2x lunches and 2x morning and afternoon
teas for Tuesday - Thursday. This will reflect on the new invoice on its way
to you.


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Hi All,

Can I suggest that some thought be given to:

* With the purchase of each 3x3 stand, along with the 1 full 
registration, the exhibitor also gets 2 full lunch passes. I have not 
anywhere seen (noticed) how exhibitor staff get access to lunches. I 
presume teas are "free for all".

* An up-scaling of benefits to encourage exhibitors to purchase more 
than 1 stand - this could even be as simple as extra lunch passes and 
having a separate page (not per exhibitor) in the conference program 
booklet/CD for larger exhibitors, this with the possible allowance of a 
short paragraph next to their logo.

My 2c (whatever currency :-) )



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