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Hi there


This looks good. 


Couple of things: 



Conditions - setup:  "from 14:00"  should it not read that setup should be
complete by 14:00  OR  setup "from 07:00 - 14:00"



I think there should be an extra colour for workers / LOC at the conference
to allow access to the committee room or the alternative to have them wear
something like a t-shirt to id them. This was very useful at AfricaGIS.
Then people also know who they can contact or ask if they have questions. 





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Dear All,


Magda and I had an "Exhibitors " Meeting this morning to discuss and
formalise the "Exhibition Process"


Currently the purchase of a 3x3 stand for R17 500 entitles the Exhibitor to
the following:


1 X 15A power point

1 Fascia board  with company name( Arial Font, Blue Capitals, Max 25 letters
of 100mm high)

1 table, 2 chairs

2X150w spot lights

1 X Full conference registration(No workshops)

1 x Exhibitor Registration(Access to Exhibition area only, and includes
morning and afternoon teas and lunch)

Invitation to cocktail party

Parking for 1 vehicle, Monday-Thursday

Listing in conference program and on website

24 hours security


The following procedures are being put in place for smooth running of the




*	All items are for hire only
*	Set-up: Monday 29th September 2008 from 14h00, Exhibition officially
opens with Cocktail Welcome Evening 6pm (As we only have the Exhibition Hall
from the Monday,the build up will be from 07h00-14h00)
*	Breakdown: After 14H00 on Thursday 2nd October 2008
*	Payment: Full payment is due within 30 days after invoicing after
which the booth will become available again.
*	Cancellation: All requests for cancellation received 90 days before
the conference, will be honoured. Cancellations received after this date
will not be eligible for any refund unless the Local Organising Committee
are able to sell the booth space to another exhibitor.Only Cheques and Bank
Transfers can be refunded-No credit cards.


Exhibitor's registration

For logistical reasons all Registrations relating to Exhibitors will be
handled separately from all the other delegates.

Exhibitors are not to register their "Free Registration "on the website.
Once exhibitors have sent their completed Exhibition Form to Magda ,I will
forward the invoice. Upon receipt of payment I will obtain the necessary
registration details by means of the registration form. I will register the
"Free Registration" on behalf of the Exhibitor and inform him/her
accordingly via email. 


>From past experience we anticipate some enquiries/queries  and herewith
list the procedure to be followed:


1)       Customised Exhibition Stand: 

Exhibitors can correspond directly with Beulah Henning from Oasys on
. She will have the necessary designing done and the Exhibitor will pay the
difference of the cost of the customised 3x3 Shell Scheme Structure (R2
372.32 plus VAT ) and the new amount directly to Oasys.

2)       Fascia Name :

                Should the Exhibitor wish to have different font ,logo etc
the cost will range between R200 and R800 depending on logo etc. This will
be done in the same manner as the customised stand.

3)       Exhibitor would like to attend workshops/technical tours but  "Free
Registration" includes no workshops :

Subject to availability we will invoice the Exhibitor for the difference
between "Full Registration with workshops" and "Full Registration only " and
amend the Registration accordingly on receipt of payment. No option for
single workshops only.

4)       Exhibitor wants to bring additional  staff to man the stand:

Additional "Exhibitors Registration" can be bought for R1 950 -this covers
our real of lunches and teas Monday -Thursday and cocktail evening (R 958).

5)       Exhibitor would like to invite guests to exhibition :

        Day Visitor Exhibition Only passes can be bought for R500 per day;

6)       Exhibitor would like to invite special guest to Cocktail

Day Visitor pass for R500 will include Exhibition 18h00-23h00 and Cocktail
-no other day activities




Strict security measures at CTICC and logistical handling of registration
makes colour coded lanyards the viable option :


Colour 1 - Full Registration with Workshops;

Colour 2-  Full registration - No workshops

Colour 3 - Exhibitors only

Colour 4- Day Visitors - Exhibition area only



The above EXCLUDES all groups.


















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