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Hi Daina,

Some comments: 

Papers for both tracks the dates are:
Submission abstracts 12 May (in a month)
Submission of full papers 18 August.

ARE we going to have posters? I have not included them anywhere. Do we have
space to put them up?

Summary of Prospectus - I think we should definitely have some blur on the
site before you need to download the prospectus. Perhaps we can use Magda's
blur from the flier.

Further a suggestion to post announcements regularly and perhaps we can set
up the bulk mailer to mail these once posted? 

We definitely need to spice up our at least some marketing emails, with
colour and pics. But we need to do both plain text and colour since some
servers strip everything. 


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At this stage the deadline for submission of abstracts (12 May) and
proposals for workshops (30 April) should be highlighted on the Home page of
the website.  


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I'm now assisting with the Marketing and need some help, ideas and
advice from any/all on the following:

Please may you all check and correct me on these:
Call for workshops and labs opens February 7, 2008 - closes August 18,
Call for presentations now open 
Sponsor and Exhibition sales now open at and include varied donor
levels (cash and kind) 
Poster presentation submission now open 
Early bird registrations now open with deadline for registration on
June 15, 2008
Online registration closes September 15 2008
Late registration opens September 16 - September 29 2008
On-site registration opens September 29 2008 
Conference Dates September 29 - October 3 2008

Please add specific open and close dates where i do not have them ...
or suggestions for the tasks that are yours and may we add this to the
main home page site for the conference??

Online facilities/website for Sponsors/Exhibitors:
- Will we have a Sponsors/Exhibitor's page(s)?
Is there an online facility for potential sponsors/exhibitor where they
can register their interest and request further information, and perhaps
there can a be page where summaries of the prospectus info are available
so at a quick glance and browse they can get info and either download or
request for a prospectus copy to be mailed top them? Current home page
requires that they download prospectus to get any info ..even just
initial info. Anyone I can send my draft page suggestions to update the
website?? can we post pictures? how best can i send it? . 

- I've been to the Accommodation site through the link... can we make
the landing page just the accommodation page to minimize confusion?
People SA??? then related links of the things to do etc can be from this
page?. Also an chance we can get info on the distance of each facility
from the ICC ... walking/ driving times?

Pictures... to add life to our site:
How can we add pictures to spice up the current site? Are there any
controls/copyright issues using those from .. was in it the Western Cape
tourism? How can these be added to the site??

Please bear in mind I am by no means knowledgeable about the web
publishing package we are using so far and if there are already plans
underway to make updates and additions to the current site... I'm
jumping in from my "member of marketing committee role".

Members on marketing Committee:
- I know Inge is there... any other volunteers?




Daina Mudimbu
Deputy Manager GIS 
Ehlanzeni District Municipality
P.O. BOX 3333, Nelspruit 1200, South Africa
Tel: Direct line +27 (0)13 759 8616
Tel: Switchboard +27 (0)13 759 8500 extn. 8616
Mobile: +27 (0)82 8807571
Fax Number : 0866954056	
Email: dmudimbu at ledc.co.za 

GISSA Mpumalanga

>>> GavinF at mintek.co.za 04/08/08 1:27 PM >>>
Please send Paul Scott any and all e-mail addresses you think should
getting announcements about FOSS4G 2008 and he'll add them to our bulk
e-mail list. 


OR, make sure you forward them to your contact and the lists you
to when they come out. 


This will go up on a 'communication policy' wiki page soon.




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