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Gavin Fleming GavinF at mintek.co.za
Fri Apr 11 07:24:57 EDT 2008

We hadn't formally discussed posters but I'd rather anticipate
presentation overflow or direct poster demand (which seems to be already
materialising). We've established that there is some wall space around
the landings to the presentation rooms that could be used for posters.
My colleague Mandy Vickers is prepared to coordinate posters. Mandy
please communicate on the list and coordinate with Inge - I think this
means we have to add a poster track as an option to the website and I
think the deadline times should be the same as for the presentations.
Mandy please devise some simple poster guidelines and add them to the







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Hi there,


I have noticed that Posters are cropping up all over the place. 


Is there someone who is directly responsible for these? I don't recall
anyone being responsible for it so I guess that would be me.


Have we allocated space to present and put these up? 


We need to make it clear on the web that we are also accepting posters.
What the dates are for submission and the guidelines etc. 


I will get on it this weekend.







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