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Hi there,

I think we should make the poster deadlines the same as the abstract
submissions. Both Gavin and Mandy agree and Mandy will be running with the

This will make it easy for all to remember.



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Yes I have only just recently jumped onto the marketing wagon and would
certainly appreciate extra hands... I had already indicated this to the
LOC. especially ppl with past experience with the GISSA and FOSS
conferences... I doubt we want any teething problems to be experienced
now with a novice alone at the helm :-) I'm all for learning the ropes
but surely this isn't the place for trials.. we are under pressure. So
extra hands and heads please send your names and we can form a committee
designate tasks and run!

Will do what draft messages/notices/adverts/media contacts I can and
send through either to all or we can make a committee then to the
marketing committee members. Inge thanks for all media ideas will  use
these to put in a package format. Carrin, I will check the list of sites
for online newsletters and make contact on how best we can submit info
for their websites.
That Gantt chart of what by when even for marketing could come in handy
now ... will get to that and then maybe all the "marketing"
professionals from past conferences can help.

The correct deadlines in the time line for now should look as below...
(P.S. who is updating the web content? our main page deadline looks
wrong right now)

Sponsor and Exhibition sales now open including various donor options
(mini and macro)

30 April 2008: Submission for proposals for workshops and labs closes
Notification: of acceptance of workshops and labs

12 May 2008: Submission of abstracts deadline
17 June 2008: Notification of acceptance of abstracts
18 August 2008: Submission presentation / papers for the proceedings

Poster presentation submission now open 
Notification of acceptance of poster presentations

Early bird registrations now open with deadline for registration on
June 15, 2008
Online registration closes September 15 2008
Late registration opens September 16 - September 29 2008
On-site registration opens 29 September 2008 

29 September - 3 October 2008: FOSS4G2008 Conference

If someone can provide these 2 then our time line will be all set and
this can form part of the announcements: 
1. Notification: of acceptance of workshops and labs DEADLINE?????
2. Poster presentation submission DEADLINE????
3. Notification of acceptance of poster presentations




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>>> "Inge Netterberg" <inge.netterberg at gmail.com> 04/11/08 11:24 AM
Hi Carrin,


Daina is now in charge of marketing - if people can help her I am sure
will be appreciated.





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Thanks Inge, not a problem.

Gavin, can we pull in other people to assist with marketing?  At least
drawing up some material or providing us with places to advertise. 
concerned that we are not getting out there enough and need to make an
effort to contact all relevant options.  


Carrin Martin


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Subject: RE: [Foss4g2008loc] RE: FOSS4G Call for papers


Hi Carrin,


You need to be a bit more specific as to what you want sent to various


For example are they going to give us advertising space (eg A6 picture
space)  or are they going to run a short story on the conference, date
location topic (300 words) or are they wanting a full description with
opportunities, sponsor exhibition, authors etc.


Please note that I can not run with the marketing and the technical
for this conference - I am struggling as it is to get the technical
stuff out - Unfortunately I am under a lot of pressure at work (I know
all are), I don't have the luxury of using work time (like I could for
of AfricaGIS) and currently work time is almost all the time
evenings and some weekends). 







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Hi Inge


Please can you prepare some short marketing notices about the
conference to
distribute to EIS Africa and other online distribution lists.  I'm sure
Sives will give us good coverage and I'll see if we can get a front
slot from him.  For those of you not familiar with EIS Africa see


The African Geo-Information have also said that the will market the
conference and we need to provide them with material


Also have a look at Geology of North Africa and Arabia Information,
and Research http://www.northafrica.de/gis.htm 




http://www.gisdevelopment.net/news/viewn.asp?id=GIS:N_ncwmpjaltd may be
bit optimistic with Map Africa, given that they are holding their
non GISSA supported November conference now in August! 


Please would you also contact Antony and see if there are any other
international forums that he sits on that we could use to market the


I suggest that Inge keeps track of where we advertise, so if you do
send out
a notice, please let her know.  Could be a useful resource to pass on
to the
next organising committee instead of reinventing the wheel. 



Carrin Martin

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