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Ravi Pillay Ravi.Pillay at sita.co.za
Sun Apr 20 14:22:46 EDT 2008

Hi Alize

The Magnetic Observatory offices (HMO) in Hermanus might also be good

Ravi Pillay

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Hi All

I'm organising the technical tours for the conference.
I need to start contacting the relevant organisations in Cape Town to
organise the visits.

A couple of question for your input please:

1.	Is there a budget allocated for the technical visits or are the
delegates to carry the full amount of the visits?
2.	Do you think the visits should be more "technically
inclined" like visiting for e.g.    "SA astronomical observatory,
Institute for Satellite and software applications, A laboratory or
department at UCT, The Disaster management centre or  a laboratory at
CSIR in Stellenbosch" ? 
3.	Or should we incorporate a more scenic trip e.g "city tour, wine
4.	Or Both? With an option for the delegates to choose between
different tours?

I need ideas and inputs from you all to start formulating an idea
around the ideas :)

Enjoy the weekend

Alize Botha
CSIR : Built Environment

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