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Hi Daina ,

As far as I am aware , Graeme and Gavin have been tasked with the updating
Of the webpages . (Not sure if that has changed)

All the information on places to visit in Cape Town are advertised on the
PeopleSA site. Follow the link on the FOSS42008 webpage to the PeopleSA
website and it is all there. Pictures , information , possible tours ,
accommodation packages etc. Initially it was advertised on the FOSS42008
website as well.
We had feedback that duplication was not the way to go. As PeopleSA
researched and found the  relevant information and pictures and was tasked
with giving the delegates a one stop seamless experience of booking
preferred accommodation,
tours , as well as collection of all payments for these activities it made
sense that this was advertised on our site.  

Have a great day.


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please check the communications page on the wiki... I've placed what i
can and working on it and the rest of the marketing tasks.. will place
the announcements planned on the relevat page asap... hopefully by Fri
then we can all see whats planned and where we are. On the requests to
individuals/through websites... do we all want a basic email request? I
will draft one that i will send to the sites/contact i can get to and
also place on annoucement page


And a call for marketing support support is still very open!

P.S. Who is updating the Foss4G2008 landing page??? Please update it
... it currently has a misleading deadline for call for pa[pers... we
wouldn't want anyone to miss the deadline!! Or how can I help edit it.
Please place the following on that first page and where links are
available then the correct link to the other pages e.g. to the workshops
and labs page or info on abstractes page etc.


30 April 2008: Deadline for submission of proposals for workshops and

12 May 2008: Deadline for submission of abstracts 
17 June 2008: Notification of acceptance of abstracts
18 August 2008: Deadline for submission of presentation / papers for
the proceedings
1 September 2008:Deadline for submission of posters

Sponsors & Exhibitors: registration now open

Important dates for registrations: 
Early bird registrations: closes June 15, 2008
Online registration: closes September 15 2008
Late registration opens September 16 - September 29 2008
On-site registration opens September 29 2008 

Conference Dates September 29 - October 3 2008

Request: Anyone with photos we can use for the webiste... i.e. those of
Cape Town (places of interest), of the ICC and perhaps potetial
technical visit places if we have.. and other interesting pictures of
things to do, food to eat, places to stay . etc .. anything for that
"exciting" first landing page we need to have?? HELP PLEASE! People SA
you look like you have quite soe great ones on your page... any chance
we can use some of these on the main page? 

Also People SA- Petro/Karryn: may we have distance info attached to the
proposed hotels.. i.e. walking/driving to the arious acommodation.. it
will make selection easier for those of us not from the Cape.



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