[Foss4g2008loc] Extend deadline for Workshop/Lab submissions

Graeme McFerren gmcferren at csir.co.za
Tue Apr 29 09:03:31 EDT 2008

Hi Dave 

I agree on the workshop deadline being extended. There are proposals coming in that look good, but we would like to see quite a few more! I suggest the 23rd May as a deadline for submission. 

Regarding the website: 
1) I think what needs to be done is to make a dedicated page explaining the process, with suitable links. The process needs to be made crystal clear and evident. I will make sure this happens. 
2) Most of the changes you have discussed are tricky to implement in the Conference Management System as it is now - it handles submissions generically, whether paper or workshop. 
3) The first step in the process involves setting up an abstract/ overview submission as an author - essentially setting up the workflow. If the overview of the proposal is acceptable, the authors will be notified to submit a full proposal into the website workflow, using the templates. This does not seem too onerous, to me at least. 
4) If changes need to be made to the submission, they can be uploaded in a new file with a person using their author role. If an author submits supplementary files with their proposal, the same holds true. Once the submission process is completed, any changes will have to be made through e-mail correspondence. 


>>> Dave Patton <davep at confluence.org> 04/28/08 5:50 PM >>>
With the deadline for Workshop/Lab submissions
being 2 days away, and today being a holiday
in South Africa, and the conference website
apparently not being setup properly to accept
Workshop/Lab submissions[1], I'd suggest the
deadline be extended.

First, it's FAR too difficult for people to
know what to do to submit a Workshop/Lab.
There should be a clear "list of deadlines"
on the main page.
There should be clear links to take people
directly to their 'area of interest' - for
example, it must say "Workshop and Lab",
not use any 'conference website related'
terminology (such as "Call for Papers",
"Proposal Submission").
The templates should be publicly available
(e.g. both wiki and conference website).
I'd argue that submissions should be accepted
by email, but I think it's maybe too late for
that process to be setup?
The current conference website doesn't work
properly when you do try as an Author to
submit a "Workshops and Labs" Track, because
there is no opportunity to do anything with
any 'template'.
Also, the website needs to allow Authors to
delete their own submissions, or at the
very least flag them for deletion (e.g. if
they change their minds, make a mistake, etc.).

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