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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 04:31:48 EDT 2008

I'd like to hear feedback on this idea of a Geospatial Integration Showcase.
I think a well done Integration Showcase would be a very successful 
component of a FOSS4G conference, and that everything listed below is 
achievable for the 2009 FOSS4G.

A subset should be very easy to achieve for FOSS4G 2008. (In particular, 
a Live GeoFOSS CD).


  Geospatial Integration Showcase

The Geospatial Integration Showcase is a practical demonstration of 
Application and Data Interoperability which underpins FOSS4G 
presentations and workshops and provides a platform for future 
initiatives, including:

    * Application selection, decision trees
    * Testing suite programs
    * Spatial Data Infrastructures
    * Open Data programs
    * An OSGeo demo CD (often called Live CD)
    * Future conferences
    * Mashups and Boot Camps

FOSS4G's reputation as the international gathering of the Geospatial 
Open Source tribes, along with its high profile show casing of Open 
Geospatial systems makes it an ideal forum for users and developers to 
build then launch long lasting geospatial initiatives.

The Integration Showcase is the sum of many long term integration 
projects and is structured to be significantly bigger than a one event 
demonstrator and all participants are strongly encouraged to think long 

  Direct FOSS4G goals

The showcase direct goals are:

    * To demonstrate interoperability between the full stack of Open
      Source and Proprietary Geospatial applications.
    * To provide cross-application testing and comparison.
    * To provide baseline applications to underpin FOSS4G & OSGeo
      presentations and workshops.
    * To facilitate development of Spatial Data Infrastructures.
          o To provide a catalyst to encourage data custodians to
            publish their data into the Spatial Data Infrastructure &
            facilitate mashup applications.
    * To simplify deployment and use of Geospatial Data, in particular
      by supporting GeoFOSS integration into software distributions.

  Showcase themes

    Application Integration


    GeoFOSS Packaging

    Open Data

    Geospatial Web Services

  Why get involved?

    What's in it for Projects?

    * The Showcase is an excellent avenue to show off projects and
      engage future sponsors.
    * Activities in testing and comparison threads will provide feed
      back into product testing suites which will improve the products.
    * Cross project integration will help make the Open Source Stack
      easier to use, make it more attractive, and consequently will
      engage more users and sponsors.

    What's in it for Data Custodians?

For Data Custodians to be sponsored to publish data, they need to 
describe the data's public value, which in turn is dependent upon 
developers finding and using the data.

FOSS4G will provide a "Mashup Boot Camp" where hackers are encouraged to 
showcase and build mashups using Open Data and Open Source tools. This 
provides an excellent avenue for custodians to publicise datasets.

FOSS4G will be an effective catalyst for many data custodians to engage 
management sponsorship and commit to a specific deadline.

    What's in it for SDI Sponsors?

    * FOSS4G provides an focal point data custodians can use to
      facilitate bring data online.
    * The showcase is a mini Spatial Data Infrastructure, and hence
      brings force to bear on key SDI issues like:
          o Robustness
          o Integration

    What is in it for FOSS4G

    * A baseline distribution of GeoFOSS software will make it much
      easier for presenters, and hence ensure a more polished conference.
    * The showcase will be a significant drawcard for delegates and
      sponsors. Sponsors will have the opportunity to show off their
      wares, showcase participants will want to present their efforts,
      users will be very interested to listen and talk to showcase

    What is in it for FOSS4G Presenters?

The FOSS4G Audience will be interested to hear details about the various 
aspects of the Integration Showcase. It will also be powerful to sum up 
a presentation with "Now go and try it out on the Integration Showcase CD".

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