[Foss4g2008loc] FW: Listing FOSS4G2008 on the ICA website

Antony Cooper ACooper at csir.co.za
Sun Feb 3 09:10:25 EST 2008

Hi All

I need to clear up one major error that you all insist on repeating time and again!

The ICA (International Cartographic Association) has nothing to do with the funds held in trust by PLATO for education or as seed funding for conferences.  Period.  The ICA is not involved in the disbursement of any surplus generated by ICA conferences.  The country hosting the conference takes the risk (there is no co-funding from the ICA), and hence does with the surplus as they choose.  It is merely coincidental that it was the ICA Conference in Durban that generated the surplus that triggered the establishment of the Geo-informatics Development Fund.  It could have been a GSDI conference (which actually did contribute to the funds held in trust by PLATO) or an FIG conference or an ISPRS conference or whatever.

Please all try and get this right in future!

Hence, the ICA endorsing or not endorsing FOSS4G has nothing whatsoever to do with the Geo-Informatics Development Fund or the PLATO seed funding for conferences (whatever its formal name is).  The ICA does provide some support to a few young cartographers, but that is only to attend the International Cartographic Conferences (ICCs - Durban 2003, A Coruna 2005, Moscow 2007, Santiago 2009 and Paris 2011), and hence is not available for FOSS4G.

Carrin: while you are a member of the Board of the Geo-informatics Development Fund, you are not a member of the South African National Committee for the ICA.  The wording of your email could create such a misconception.

As I chair an ICA Commission, I have a bias on this issue so I will recuse myself from any discussion on whether or not FOSS4G should seek endorsement by the ICA.

Thank you
Antony Cooper


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>>> On 03 February 2008 at 12:52, in message
<6DD500EEFAF94747B2E139E7D3F83531141FC7 at 491-mail.mrcad.mrc.ac.za>, "Carrin
Martin" <Carrin.Martin at mrc.ac.za> wrote:
> Hi
> I see that the ICA gets to give an address at the opening, which is
> fine, but we need to keep an eye on the number of people speaking at the
> opening, and for how long they speak.  Hopefully by getting their
> support we get exposure to their international members.  As GISSA, we
> have established links with ICA and the professional surveying society
> (SAGI).  We asked SAGI to co-host the conference with us but they
> declined.  ICA does have a fund to support education and conference
> attendance, and I'd like there to be some discussion about them using
> that money to send delegates to the conference.  We are asking others to
> put in big money for a chance to speak at the opening, and I would like
> to see the ICA give us some support other than distributing the notices
> to their members.  
> Both Madga and I sit on the ICA board in SA, and perhaps this is
> something we can take forward for a board meeting.  
> Cheers
> Carrin 

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