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Graeme McFerren gmcferren at csir.co.za
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Hi Paul

Some of these (good) points you make are artifacts of the Open Conference System (OCS) software that we are using. OSGEO are looking to the longer term with the OCS system, but for the moment we are hitting its quirks a bit. Any php coders out there? 

The point about the redirect is for a user to be taken to the PeopleSA site in much the same way as they would have ended up at the Sea2Sky site for the FOSS4G2007 event, so that accomodation options, for example, could be chosen and payment effected.


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>>> Paul Ramsey <pramsey at cleverelephant.ca> 02/21/08 20:34 PM >>>

I don't understand the first paragraph about being re-directed to to  
the registration site.  The page I am on (http://conference.osgeo.org/index.php/foss4g/2008/schedConf/registration 
) already looks like the start of a registration process... it has a  
form to select fees, and a forms for my personal contact information.

I don't know how cunning your web developer is, but ideally, you would  
look-up what country they are coming from via geoip and provide the  
converted currency amount next to the ZAR number.  I think most people  
have room in their heads for three currencies and approximate  
conversions, their own, EUR and USD.  ZAR is a bridge too far.

If the table of fees is meant to be descriptive, remove the form  
elements.  Also put the descriptions next to the titles, so they look  
like descriptions and less like directions.

The description for "late registration" looks like a news item from  
the future "no more online registrations are being accepted". reword.

Under the "fee code", calling it a "secret code" is a little cloak-and- 
dagger. Call it a "discount code".


On Feb 21, 2008, at 9:48 AM, Petro Farrell wrote:

>  Registration is going live on 1 March and the next few testing days  
> are vital. Could you please go to the Osgeo site and look at the  
> registration process and options for conference fees. Currently  
> there is an option for “Early Bird- Conference plus workshops”. A  
> better option can be to have for the same price of R4400  “Early  
> Bird –Conference plus 3 activities (workshop,technical tour,outreach  
> activity in any combination). The delegate can then choose the  
> relevant activities once these have been finalised.
> Please respond by close of business Monday.
> Petro
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