[Foss4g2008loc] PeopleSA regsitration and payment site for review

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Fri Feb 29 05:45:01 EST 2008


I think its a bit strange having all this information on the psaevents
page. The page isnt nicely laid out and the white on black text some
people will find hard to read. It generally needs a revision by
someone with a good eye for design. It will also be *much better* to
move all this content onto the main foss4g2008 page (and matching it
to the theme used on the main page of FOSS4G2008), and use the
psaevents page only for transaction processing (or better yet embed it
within the main foss4g2008 site). Otherwise people are going to get
really confused (I know I was)...

A few suggestions:

Put headings in bold / larger font / non caps to get better separation
from body text.

Put section navigation as a menu on the left of all pages so that you
dont need to navigate back to the menu each time you want to mve to
the next page.

There seems to be a large black empty space on the top of the page and
a black blob on the right -  is this reserved for banner ads (==bad)?
If not move the content up to the top of the page and put the main
heading for each page in much bigger font.

On http://www.psaevents.co.za/Events/Foss4g/generalinfo.aspx :


I suggest a better description of power socket requirements would be
useful since 90% of delegates will not understand what is required (BS
546 (South African 15 A/250 V earthed) plugs or CEE 7/16 plug and
socket and adapter for BS 546) based on the descriptions given. I
suggest pointing them to the link below and giving the explicit name
for the power socket types required :


"Malaria is only found in the lowveld of Mpumalanga and Limpopo and on
the Maputaland coast of Kwazulu Natal. For more advice on medication
ask your local doctor or pharmacy. "

I think this should be written rather to say that the Cape is a
malaria free area and no preventative medication is required, however
if you are planninng any pre/post conference excursions to the lowveld
of Mpumalanga and Limpopo and on the Maputaland coast of Kwazulu Natal
be advised that you will be entering a malaria area and necessary
precautions should be taken.

Also note that from some countries (e.g. Brasil and some African
countries) you will be required to show proof of yellow fever
vaccination on entering the country.




2008/2/29, Gavin Fleming <GavinF at mintek.co.za>:
> Hi all
> Please have a thorough look at
> http://www.psaevents.co.za/Events/Foss4g . This is where
> delegates will be redirected once they have registered for the conference at
> www.foss4g2008.org. Here they can choose accommodation, local transport
> options, the gala dinner as well as pay for these and their conference
> registration.
> Karryn/Petro please show us what the payment page looks like so we can
> comment before it goes live tomorrow.
> thanks
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> Senior GISc and Sustainable Development Researcher
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