[Foss4g2008loc] Contact list & Gantt chart for progress

Petro Farrell petro at peoplesa.co.za
Sun Jan 20 23:10:05 EST 2008

Dear Daina,

Thank you for all the input on the Gantt chart-I agree it is a good way of
seeing the big picture and everyone's involvement and it will work well if
we all update and comment as work progresses.
Is there a way to add a next due date ?How do we update our tasks though,I
am unable to add comments etc?


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Greetings to all and wishing you the greatest successes in 2008.

Hi Dawn,
I agree coordination is crucial. My comments ...
1. Will a list with all the companies and ministries/depts to be
approached be that sensitive too... contact names need not be shown for
govt depts and the public office bearers if they are believed to be

2. Do we have a plan for the foreign based companies/institutions or
their head offices that our counterparts from the OSGeo side would
possibly have a greater influence over? i.e. is the prospectus being
mailed to them too and will it be practical for communication with them
to be only through yourselves?

Then to All,
Is anyone using the Gantt chart we drafted... a number of target dates
in there may need to be checked (find attached):
1. date for securing all sponsorship was 3 March 2008.
2. for registering all exhibitors 3 March 08
3. Workshops and labs registration finalised 3 March 08
4. Finalisation of Conference topics 15 Jan 08

A number of calls had been scheduled to have opened in Nov 07 i.e. for
papers, for workshops and labs.

What progress can I indicate on the chart and what time
frames/deadlines/ milestones need to move or be added??

Personally its really a challenge to see where we are in comparison to
where we want/had planned to be without tracking and chasing all our
tasks and updating the chart... I've had no contributions to the chart
save from Gavin since the Nov call. If its not going to work for us then
perhaps we can drop it altogether... please LOC can you advise on how we
want to proceed/ if we want to proceed with tracking of tasks using the
Gantt chart or are we using another method?




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>>> dawn.newman at gauteng.gov.za 01/18/08 11:38 AM >>>
Hi everyone

Magda and I have a database we are working on.

Some government policies prohibit the provision of various government
offices contact lists so not everyone might be there for your liking.

Once everything is on track with Magda's database it will be sent out
for you.

For those who want to contact people personally, may I suggest Magda
I send out the letters and maybe you can follow up with "Your
as to whether they have received the letters etc.?

I am sure it can be appreciated that when working with the volume we
intend to we cannot having people trying to organize sponsorships,
exhibitors details, presentation information etc. (all the relevant
on the LOC) via different avenues and channels, we need it to be
the people earmarked to ensure we don't do things double or end up
creating a spaghetti bowl effect.

To those who have given through contact details to add to the list.
Thanx a mill.  It is appreciated.

No disrespect meant to anyone with above mentioned suggestion.

Thank you Wilhelm for the advice to follow up telephonically.  It is
taken to heart and will be done.

Warm regards for a wonderful weekend ahead.

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