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Alize that's between you and Graeme... ;-)

Tim's 'just' doing code sprint, lightning talks and demo theatre. 


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Hi Tim, 

Just note that the Wine estate and CDSM can accommodate up to 44 people should the need arise. Its only the Grabouw visit that is limited to 22 people.



>>> "Tim Sutton" <tim at> 2008/07/31 10:08 AM >>>

2008/7/30, Gavin Fleming <GavinF at>:
> Perfect Tim, get this out as widely as possible.
> I've edited the demo theatre page. One thing that still needs a bit of
> attention is consistency about how people apply and get a slot - by
> contacting you and being allocated a slot or editing the wiki? Sponsors and
> exhibitors have priority on slots if they want them.

Ok. Given that editing the wiki requires creating a wiki account etc
which many will consider a hassle, I'm going to change the text to ask
people to email me with their preferred slot & details, and then I
will manage the posting to the wiki page myself. Hopefully that will
also prevent queue jostling as people edit themselves into the most
favourable slots.

I'll also remove the following text:

"The *demo theatre schedule url* is where the final schedule will appear: "

and use the wiki demo theatre page as the canonical demo theatre URL -
all ok with that?

> Re the code sprint I've also added a line to this page to ask people to
> indicate if they'll be participating in the sprint:
> It is
> the page we're about to announce (when it's ready tomorrow) for registrants
> to choose workshops (so any comments on that would be appreciated).

Great thanks. I had a read through the page and it all seems clear enough.

> And please add contact info or list names of who you're announcing to to
> this page: 

Will do.



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