[Foss4g2008loc] RE: FOSS4G2008 Extension of abstract submission date.doc

Serena Coetzee scoetzee at cs.up.ac.za
Tue May 13 13:05:35 EDT 2008

Thanks, Inge, I sent it out to the academic mailing list now.


Even though we announce the deadline as 23 May, I recommend that we keep
website submissions open until 24 May to avoid any problems with time zones
around the world, and to make it easier to sort out any last minute




From: Inge Netterberg [mailto:inge.netterberg at gmail.com] 
Sent: 13 May 2008 06:28 PM
To: 'FOSS4G2008 local organising committee'
Cc: 'Gavin Fleming'; 'Mandy Vickers'; 'Serena Coetzee'
Subject: RE: FOSS4G2008 Extension of abstract submission date.doc


Dear all,


Attached the extension of abstract submission announcement.


Please distribute it far and wide. 







From: Serena Coetzee [mailto:scoetzee at cs.up.ac.za] 
Sent: 13 May 2008 05:30 PM
To: 'Inge Netterberg'
Cc: 'Gavin Fleming'; Mandy Vickers
Subject: FOSS4G2008 Extension of abstract submission date.doc


Attached a few updates to the notice.


Remember to notify me when everyone's accepted the notice so that I can send
it to the academic mailing list.




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