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Antony Cooper acooper at csir.co.za
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Hi Inge and Serena

The whole point of having the academic track is that it is more onerous than the general presentation track.  Hence, it is quite inappropriate to have the same requirements for the length of abstract for both tracks.


>>> "Inge Netterberg" <inge.netterberg at gmail.com> 05/13/08 8:11 PM >>>
I have only removed that fact that the abstracts will be automatically
discarded from the general presentation track if they are not the correct
length. But have left the abstract length as 500-600 words.

I am hoping that this encourages people to write 500 words but if its 450
then I don't really mind. I would rather read a shorter abstract than one
which is repetitious. 

I know Antony was very concerned that the poster presentation abstract would
be way to long at 500 words. Hence the fact that these are now 150-300

Those are my thoughts 

Attached the final version of the extension of abstracts deadline


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Hi all,

I'm OK if you remove the 500-600 words limit from the general track, but
definitely not from the academic track.  If we make the general abstract
shorter, we just have to make sure that we state the two lengths very
clearly to avoid confusion (which I think was one of the reasons why we
decided to have them both the same length).

Are we reacting on a single conversation or is there a wider concern?


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