[Foss4g2008loc] important dates on the FOSS4G2008 web page

Daina Mudimbu dmudimbu at ledc.co.za
Wed May 14 12:08:52 EDT 2008

Just on the recent updates on the website....

1. We still have a "Call for papers" link on the Conference info
section the on the right index and no "Call for workshops and Labs" link
however this former link takes you to a page that talks about bout with
the papers and the workshops & labs, with the workshop section right at
the bottom.. though you also have an option to follow a link at the top
of the page to workshops.... hope you get what I'm saying ... we can
easily confuse and frustrate a number of people.
Perhaps we move the workshop info to its own page?  if not then we
change the title so it indicates "call for Papers, workshops and labs"
right from the beginning.

2. Then we could try to maintain our terms in full as abstract alone
may be confusing as to which one it is so "Paper/Presentation Abstract"
"Poster Abstract" and "Workshops & Lab Proposal"... perhaps I'm one of
the slower ones but with the dates changing I had to read through a
couple of times to check which is which.

3. Final comment on registration .... we close the early bird
registration even before the first draft programme is out??? Does this
really give anyone a chance to choose anything?? especially if trying to
select which workshop/lab or technical tour to attend?? By the way what
are "Other formal activities" that appear to be a choice on registration
options.. can i find somewhere where these are defined/outlined?
Assuming these are the outreach actitivities, technical tours code sprit
etc.. Dose this inlude the socials??? These "other formal activities"
are only for the Friday? thats if they exclude the socials.
Then there is no option to attend the Conference and these "other
formal ativities" without the 3 half-day workshops? its a R2000
difference surely should one pay for the 3 half day workshops when the
real interest is the "Other formal activities"?? Pardon me if I've
missed something during the planning stages but perhaps others not part
of the LOC and wanting to register would ask.



>>> inge.netterberg at gmail.com 05/14/08 10:57 AM >>>
Hi Gavin, Graeme,



Please update the important dates on the following page asap. 












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