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Carrin Martin Carrinm at iceeafrica.co.za
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Hiring the computers will mean that the company comes in at the
appointed time and removes the 100 machines.  Selling them means that
they have to be packed and kept somewhere until taken by whoever is
buying them, and someone has to take responsibility for making sure that
all the money comes in.  Ideally, we would need to sell them before the
conference so that people knew that they had to be removed on their
departure or shortly thereafter.  


I'm concerned about the logistics involved and getting all the funds in,
but this would be an option if we could be assured that we could sell
most of them.  





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We must confirm a school to donate to before we take the option to buy -
Security at schools is a big problem in Cape Town - 

Kanya have indicated that all Cape High schools have pc's - I am not
100% sure - The problem is that the Geography student do not access to
the pc's

Most libraries have pc's with free internet but there is no gis software
loaded - GISSA WC have flagged this for attention after FOSS4G

What about the resale at conference prices? Giving preference to
Educators - GISSA / OSGeo members  




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