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Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Wed Sep 3 10:24:33 EDT 2008

On 2008/09/03 6:44 AM, Russell Hope wrote:
> Hello
> Attached is the Volunteers handbook
> Please check and comment

The Wednesday/Thursday/Friday program grid
doesn't fit on the page. Presuming that the
program grid is in the printed program, I'd
just leave it out of the volunteer handbook
and give all volunteers a printed program
(which has other info they need to be familiar
with anyway).

For Labs and Workshops, I'd add one more duty:
- deliver pre-printed materials to Instructors
For 2007 a number of Instructors supplied materials
which we printed locally. I ended up being the
one to distribute those to the rooms, but it
could have been done by volunteers (except it
can't take them away from the room, as that
would compromise security).

There was another task that I did, that could
at least in part be handled by a volunteer, and
that is providing any materials to the Instructors
before they start their Lab/Workshop. For example,
we had a sheet of paper with announcements that
were to be read out at the start of the class.

The "What you get" section doesn't actually say
that they get to attend the conference when they
are not 'on shift', and whether or not that includes
Labs/Workshops, social events, etc.

re the Schedule:
- Poster volunteer missing

Print the "Volunteers Duties" page using Portrait,
so it all fits on one page.

I don't see any mention of volunteers helping with
the setup/teardown of the PCs.

If you are going to have any way for delegates to
register on the 28th, then you may need some
volunteers then as well (in 2007 we had the
registration desk open 'the day before', while we
were setting up the PCs for the Workshops).

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