[Foss4g2008loc] RE: irc / geodata

Josh Livni josh at umbrellaconsulting.com
Wed Sep 3 15:13:09 EDT 2008

I note the wiki page says the National link has 'lots of free gis data' 
but I couldn't find any while tooling around in there (could have been 
missing something obvious). 

More to the point, it sounds like (thanks Dup!) we now have a great 
hookup for any data we need.  I will modify the wiki page as soon as I 
can figure out my password for data I think would be good to request, 
but I am not really familiar with what kinds of data is available, or 
what might be more pertinent/interesting locally (wine regions?).  So it 
would be good to hear from those who do know more of the local area 
before we formally request it from  Sue Kirschner.

Finally - is someone local willing to volunteer to accept delivery of 
the data in DVD, and upload it somewhere?   If we can't get a password 
protected osgeo-hosted repository quickly, then I am happy to host on an 
S3 instance if someone will upload the data to a server (which I can 
also provide for this purpose).


Gavin Fleming wrote:
> Josh beat me to it and Dup has already responded, but this should 
> still be useful:
> Josh Livni wrote:
> >Is there an irc channel you guys (who are working on the LOC) are 
> hanging out to deal with discussion re FOSS4G?
> Yes, though not heavily used as many employers block irc: 
> irc://freenode.net/foss4g2008
> >Is there a publicly available site where we can download South 
> African / Cape Town based geodata?
> Please check out and edit this page: 
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/South_African_Geodata
> Gavin
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