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Josh Livni josh at umbrellaconsulting.com
Thu Sep 4 10:17:52 EDT 2008

Excellent - thanks again for the great introductions here.  I have started a
simple list of datalayers on the wiki, but it is likely others who are more
knowledgeable regarding local datasets will add (or subtract).  In the
meantime, here are the layers that came to my mind that might be available
for Cape Town, in order of importance/interest: * Province Boundary
 * City Boundary
 * Cape Town suburbs, subcouncils, and wards
 * Any aerial imagery
 * 2006 Census shapes and attributes (preferably all, but as above, Wards at
the least)
 * Streets / Other transportation (bus lines?)
 * Informal Settlements ?
 * Any spatial data related to urban renewal programme

For my workshop, we will be creating a simple database driven application,
and it would be great to at least do simple proof-of-concept things (eg show
all pts in a particular suburb), and possibly more complex things if data is
easily available.  My guess is that for most workshops, basic admin
boundaries and any aerial imagery would be most interesting.  For some of
us, the extra detailed layers just mean we have more options.

Russell - would it be a problem to get any/all of the above layers?  Is
there a list of other layers you are aware of that might be available?  In
general, the more the merrier if it is not much extra trouble.

Thanks so much for your assistance!



On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 11:16 PM, Russell Hope
<Russell.Hope at capetown.gov.za>wrote:

>  Hello Josh
> For City of Cape Town data, please contact Mark van der Merwe; he will
> gladly assist with disseminating City of Cape Town data.
> I have cc Mark in on this e-mail so you can contact him directly, re
> format, data layers and acknowledgements
> Regards
> Russell Hope
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> Hi,
> I think it would be great if there was some repository of local (South
> Africa / Cape Town based ) GIS data available for workshop presenters to
> integrate, as applicable.
> In the workshop I am assisting with it would be great to provide local data
> to integrate with.  For example, if we could have some census, zoning,
> street, or even the general municipality boundaries to work with, it would
> mean our demo app could be aimed at the local region, which I think would be
> nice.
> I was going to contact the GIS folks listed on the capetown.gov.za site,
> but figured I would check in here first to see if any of you locals or
> others have already hit them up (what was their response?) or otherwise have
> located a public download site for this type of data.
> Obviously this is not an urgent matter for any workshops -- we can easily
> focus on an area where there's lots of freely available data.  But as long
> as we're a bunch of GIS folks in Cape Town, I figure we may as well see
> about getting our hands on the local stuff.
> Cheers,
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