[Foss4g2008loc] Volunteers Handbook

Daina Mudimbu dmudimbu at ledc.co.za
Thu Sep 4 03:33:44 EDT 2008

Hi Russell,
Looks great. Made a few comments.
1. Swopped the logo for our final official one which includes
"Incorporating GISSA"
2. Few typos/ additions
3. Will they have a way of contacting you or the People SA team
quickly? Perhaps there are facilities at the hotels... what of when you
are roaming? Walkie talkie? And in case of big/small emergency your
mobile no.? e.g they can't come in that day due to a crisis, when
assisting at an outreach/ workshop. So a contact no.s page?



>>> Russell.Hope at capetown.gov.za 09/03/08 3:44 PM >>>
Attached is the Volunteers handbook

Please check and comment


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