[Foss4g2008loc] RE: Volunteers for FOSS4G technical tours

Gavin Fleming GavinF at mintek.co.za
Tue Sep 16 03:08:41 EDT 2008

I wouldn't mine going to Houwteq but I think I'd better stick around
CTICC and UCT, so no. 


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Thanks - Not sure if any LOC members would want to go on the tours. I
will give them fist option.

LOC - Please let me know today or I will be using the volunteers


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Hi Russel ,

Will you please secure 3 volunteers for the technical tours as well.
It will be expected of the volunteers to lead the group to the bus
departure place @ CTICC to take them to reception once they get to the
venue and to make sure all delegates get on to the bus back to the

Attached the info of the 3 tours.

Visit to the Chief Directorate Surveys and Mapping
Monday 29th September 2008: 8h30-12h00


The tour will take the delegates through how the Chief Directorate
Surveys and Mapping operates. Areas that will we covert include Image
Acquisition and Field Surveying, Trignet - permanent GPS base stations,
Data Extraction and Manipulation, Geospatial Data Management and
Cartographic Production. Conference delegates to gather 8h15 at the

Visit to the Institute for Satellite and Software Applications
Friday 3rd October 2008: 8h00-12h30


The tour will take the delegates through their facilities and explain
their role in the South African space program. Conference delegates to
gather 7h50 at the CTICC.

Visit to Delheim  - Wine Estate GIS
Friday 3rd October 2008: 13h00-17h30

Francois Knight from Agri Informatics will present on how GIS is being
used in the wine industry in their "Vat Cellar". This event followed
by a wine tasting and tour will take place on the Delheim Wine Estate.
Conference delegates to gather 12h50 at the CTICC.


Alize Botha

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