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Inge Netterberg inge.netterberg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 05:23:13 EDT 2008

Nigel Walker is doing the conference CDs... 

But we need to find someone locally to do this as Nigel is based in Pretoria
meaning shipping costs. 

P O Box 560
South Africa

Tel: +27 12 667 2074
Fax: +27 12 667 2766
E-mail: nigel at doctech.co.za 
Web: www.doctech.co.za

We are using the chief directorate surveys and mapping (CDSM) to cut some

We are providing the CDs and they are printing and cutting them for us. 

I will look around for some other options... 


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Thanks for the offer of help guys.
I've updated the wiki we are using to track the building of our LiveDVD 
to include burning the DVD where I've documented the requirements we are 
looking for. How much of this is achievable?


* Burn onto a DVD
* Graphics to be printed onto the other side with a suitable logo and 
contents. A simple one colour print run will be sufficient.
* Target print run of at least 100. If budget permits, 250 would be 
better. It would be good to give one to all local delegates who want one.

* We need to know when we need to hand over the ISO image so that it can 
be burned.
* The more time we have, the more testing we can do on the image and the 
more polished it will be.
** We can hand the image over on Tuesday 23 September, but would prefer 
if we had till Thursday 2 October.

Potential Printers:

 From the 2008 Local Organising Committee:
* Heindrich Du Plessis
* Burnie / Inge, have a list of service providers that is being used for 
the conference CDs?

Tim Bowden has found someone as well ...

Heindrich Du Plessis wrote:
> Gavin
> I have offered to do the GISSA CD's.
> I am prepared to consider doing some additional one's if the numbers 
> are not excessive and
> can be accommodated without impacting on the operational requirements 
> and service delivery.
> Please provide me with some more information in order to consider the 
> request.
> By the way, I think you guys are doing an amasing job! Keep it up, it 
> is now the time when the nerves start kicking in and conflicts can 
> easily appear out of the blue. It is normal and just have to be 
> managed. Good luck to all of you.
> Kind regards
> Dup
> >>> "Gavin Fleming" <GavinF at mintek.co.za> 9/17/2008 4:28 PM >>>
> Hi all
> We need to help out Tim (the 'official' OSGeo and FOSS4G 2009 rep at
> FOSS4G 2008) and potentially others with local CD and DVD burning.
> Dup is your facility available?
> Burnie / Inge, don't you have a list of service providers that we're
> using for the conference CDs?
> Graeme don't some workshop presenters want their DVDs duplicated
> locally?
> Burnie pls consolidate all our info on this and on printing shops on a
> wiki page asap.
> thanks
> Gavin
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> Gavin,
> I'm looking at this mob: http://www.multiskillmedia.co.za/ as an option
> to get our live DVD copied.  Do you know anything about them?  I'm
> flying blind atm but their price seems reasonable from what I can tell-
> R9.90+VAT (how much is that?) for 100+ using single colour low res disk
> artwork.  I've not heard back yet from Jarrit on what he can sort for
> DVD duplication and time is pressing.
> Regards,
> Tim
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