[Francophone] appel du groupe éducation pour une collaboration avec les représentations locales

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Mon Mar 2 03:39:21 EST 2009

Voici un appel de Charlie Schweik du groupe OSGEO-Education:

En bref: il propose que chaque représentation locale nomme un 
représentant dans le groupe Education pour créer des liens et donc 
permettre la "localisation" du matériel éducatif (données + 
traductions), mais également de promouvoir la dissemination plus large 
de matériel existant dans le pays.

Regarding the local data issue. I'd like to see each OSGeo local group 
to appoint a representative to be on the OSGeo educational committee. It 
seems that the education group and local committees should be closely 

- One example would be to create locally-relevant data for tutorials.
- Another would be to help us convert educational material from one 
language to another.
- A third would be to make sure that any local educational material 
would have a better chance of being shared with the rest of the world 
(assuming the author is willing).

**I think the idea of connecting local grass-roots action with global 
open source/open content sharing is an extremely powerful  idea and 
could move OSGeo education ahead and a more rapid pace.**

If you are on a local OSGeo group, and not yet participating in the 
OSGeo education but willing to help, please contact me.


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