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Sat Nov 14 00:30:03 EST 1998

GDAL Folks,

Daniel's recent web page on OWT (http://pages.infinit.net/danmo/owt/owt.html)
has encouraged me to do a bit more on GDAL. Basically, just providing
a link into the actual source tree so that people can see an image of
what exists. 

You should be able to track from the GDAL web page through to the source.


Note that most of the week was taken up writing the design for the OGDI
project (see http://cs46980-a.mtnk1.on.wave.home.com/projects/ogdi/ogdi.html).

I hope to do a bi-directional OGDI gateway similar to the GeoGatway <-> OGDI
linkage described in this design at some point. I am also hoping that
some of the PROJ.4 projection string parsing code for the GDP project 
will provide useful in other venues, including GDAL. 

I have been tentatively thinking of using PROJ.4 as the basis of GDAL
projections support. It includes more projections than GCTPC2.0, and
I like the fact that everything for a projections definition is encoded
into a single string. 

However, PROJ.4, like GCTP lacks real datum support. 

I listed this weakness as one of the problems of OGDI, and suggested that
an approach similar to the datum support in EASI/PACE be added to PROJ.4
within OGDI. I even hold a faint hope that I might be able to do this
as paid work for the OGDI research institute (whatever it may be called)
when it is established. This is planned for January. 

On another front, my bid to Intergraph to implement an Erdas Imagine to
GeoTIFF translator (for $4KUS) has been accepted. I am hoping that within
the time frame of this project I will be able to get raster translation
working within GDAL, and implement the Imagine, and GeoTIFF support within
GDAL. I don't doubt I will have to make some sacrifices to clean 
implementation in the interest of getting the project done in a timely


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