[Openev-discuss] Useability questions from left field

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at p...
Fri Dec 15 11:49:57 EST 2000

Doug_Newcomb at f... wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Let me first say that I'm not here to bash. I would like to
> impliement open source GIS products in my office. Most of my data is in
> the UTM Meters - NAD83, North Carolina State Plane Meters (Yes, I know it's
> not a "real" projection)- NAD83, Albers Meters - NAD83, or Decimal Degrees
> datums. The data can be TIFFs, Georeferenced JPEGS, MrSID Images, shape
> files or Arc/Info Coverages. When trying to use openev with some of these
> datasets, unexpected things happen:
> 1) Decimal Degree shape files appear upside down. The longitudes are
> negative, if that helps


Could you provide me a sample.

> 2) Adjacent UTM JPEGs are displayed on top of each other. Is there a
> problem reading header files or world files for jpegs? It will not open
> jpegs that have been reprojected to NC State Plane at all - It just says
> unable to open. These come with .jwf header files.

The JPEG reader does not support .jwf files. In fact, I only added .tfw 
support for the TIFF reader today! I will put .jwf files on my todo list. 

> 3) The reprojected to state plane DRG TIFFs work fine with .twf header
> files.

Do you really mean .twf? I have always seen these as .tfw (or a few times in
the old days .tifw on Unix). 

As for a few of your other notes:

o There are no plans for MrSID support in GDAL at this time. The last time
I talked with the MrSID people they has fairly restrictive requirements
to do anything with their libraries. 
o There is no support for arc/info coverages in OGR at this time, but there
are plans to add them, as well as e00 files. There is arc/info binary
grid support already. 

Note, that the issues you raise are predominately related to GDAL, though the
upsidedown lat/long thing is an OpenEV issue. 

Best regards,

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