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Frank Warmerdam warmerda at h...
Mon Jun 12 14:13:48 EDT 2000

Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Frank,
> The current GDAL configure script does not allow us to pick which
> formats or which options we want to include. We are currently running
> into a problem on a system where we need GDAL only to access TIFF files,
> and it's complaining that Python is not available on the system.
> I believe it should be possible to add an option and some #defines to
> not require Python, but before looking into that I preferred to check
> with you.


I have fixed up the configure so that if python isn't found the rest of
the configure will still succeed (but python support is disabled). You can
also explicitly force python support to be skipped via the --without-python
configure switch. 

I don't have any platforms without python handy. Could you try the 
latest out of CVS and let me know if it works? 

> Similar problems would happen for someone that wants to compile only OGR
> and does not need GDAL... are there any dependencies between GDAL and
> OGR except for the fact that they share the CPL library?

Unfortunately there are a number of dependencies between OGR and GDAL. 
For instance, the gdal/ogr/ogrsf_frmts/sdts depends on gdal/frmts/iso8211
and gdal/frmts/sdts. Regular raster GDAL depends on some coordinate
transform related stuff out of the gdal/ogr directory. 

In theory if you want OGR you should be able to do a configure in 
the gdal directory, then a make in the gdal/port directory, and then a
make in the gdal/ogr directory. In practice you will also need to do
a make in the gdal/frmts/iso8211, and gdal/frmts/sdts directories. 

> Also, what would you think of adding an option to specify the formats
> you want to include, instead of having to go and modify the makefile
> manually? Something like --with-formats="gtiff zlib" and that would
> directly affect the GDAL_FORMATS constant in GDALmake.opt.

I will think on this.


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