Large image support

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Wed Dec 12 10:31:44 EST 2001

Hello Frank,

Looking through the GDAL mailing list archive, I noticed that on January
3, 2001 you sent a message saying that you have added support for large
images (> 2GB), but that the changes haven't (at that time anyway) been
made to the raw image format. I haven't seen any follow-ups on this
message, and from the testing I've done, it appears that the RawDataset
class doesn't yet support such large images.

The LAS package (which my group supports) is being used more and more to
process large area mosaics and Landsat 7 scenes, so one of our
requirements is the support of large (> 2GB per band, multiple bands per
image) images. As we prepare to switch our image I/O layer to GDAL, I
need to ensure that such large images can be handled.

The LDFDataset (LAS Data Format) class is being built upon the RawDataset
class. Does the RawDataset class remain to be changed to handle large
images? Let me know if I can help with the process.


Lowell D. Johnson
Software Engineering
Raytheon Systems
EROS Data Center
47914 252nd Street, Mundt Federal Bldg
Sioux Falls, SD 57198

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