Compiling GDAL

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at p...
Wed Jun 27 16:03:58 EDT 2001

"Petri J. Riipinen" wrote:
> Frank,
> I'm trying to compile GDAL in order to read in some raster maps in TIFF-format.
> I'm using CygWin32 with all the latest tarballs from the distribution.
> After a while I should get a Linux-system up and runnig but so far I'm
> forced to deal with windows. The version of libtiff is specifically
> 3.5.6beta-2.


I tried under cygwin just now, and ran into the same problem. 

I would advise you to use the internal versions of a few libraries:

./configure --with-libtiff=internal --with-geotiff=internal --with-jpeg=internal

This works for me now, though I had a few problems in the mitab code as well.
If you run into this either add "--without-ogr" to the configure, or update
to the latest GDAL code from CVS. 

Note, that configure on Cygwin doesn't know how to build a shared library,
so the results are going to be of limited value anyways. If you want to
build your own application against GDAL do it the way that gdalinfo does
in gdal/apps/GNUmakefile. This is a "static" link rather than trying to
link against like the rest of the tools.

Finally, cygwin isn't exactly a supported environment for GDAL but if there
are simple things I can do to fix up gdal to work under Cygwin I will. 

Best regards,

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