[gdal-dev] trying to get lat/lon out of sdts dem

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Tue Oct 23 16:29:06 EDT 2001

nakiya123 at y... wrote:

> Howdy,
> I am trying to extract the lat/lon coordinates out of sdts dem's. I
> have looked into and tried to used the OGRSpatialReference class but
> have not seen any clear way to do this. How is this done?
> Thanks in advance


Are the DEMs in lat/long already, or UTM? If they are in lat/long you
can just ignore the OGRSpatialReference. Determine the georeferenced
coordinate of the top left corner of a pixel as follows:

dfGeorefX = padfGeoTransform[0] + padfGeoTransform[1] * nPixel
+ padfGeoTransform[2] * nLine;
dfGeorefY = padfGeoTransform[3] + padfGeoTransform[4] * nPixel;
+ padfGeoTransform[5] * nLine;

If the DEM is in UTM, the above will give you the corner in UTM coordinates.
You can then translate this to LatLong using something like the following
to create a reprojector:

#include "gdal_priv.h"
#include "ogr_spatialref.h"

OGRSpatialReference *poUTM = new OGRSpatialReference();
const char *pszUTM_WKT = poDS->GetProjectionRef();

poUTM->importFromWkt( (char **) &pszUTM_WKT );

OGRSpatialReference *poLL = poUTM->CloneGeogCS();

OGRCoordinateTransform *poTransform;

poTransform = OGRCreateCoordinateTransformation( poUTM, poLL );

Then invoke it on points like this:

poTransform->Transform( 1, &dfGeorefX, &dfGeoref );

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more details.

Best regards,

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