GDAL/OGR 1.1.5 Released

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at p...
Sat Sep 15 11:07:37 EDT 2001


I have finally prepared and released what I consider to be GDAL 1.1.5. I am
attaching a lengthy list of features and bug fixes since the 1.1.4 release
early in the year.

With this release I am also considering the GDAL source releases to be the
place to get OGR, and so I am including notes on OGR changes in the overall
change document. By default OGR is now built into GDAL shared libraries
(unless --without-ogr is selected at configure time).

The source can be fetched from:

It is my intention that this be the base release used by GRASS 5.0,
and MapServer 3.5. I will likely announce this release (with more background
info on GDAL) on some of the other related lists and news groups next week if
people don't immediately start reporting problems.

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GDAL 1.1.5 New Features:

o AIGrid:
- Return nodata value.

- Added format user documentation.
- Added Sub Dataset support.
- Utilize OGDI 3.1 style capabilities metadata.

- Added support for Alaska SAR Toolbox naming convention.
- Read map projection record for corner GCPs.

o PNG Driver:
- read/write support for transparency via colortable and nodata value.

o Erdas Imagine (HFA) Driver:
- Added support for reading external large image files.
- Added support for uncompressed, but reduced precision blocks.

o GIF Driver:
- Added .wld world file support.
- Added transparency read support.
- Upgraded to libungif 4.x.

o JPEG Driver:
- Added .wld world file support.

o PAux Driver:
- Added limited gcp and projection read support.

o GeoTIFF Driver:
- Added specialized support for 1 bit files.
- Upgraded world file reading (added .wld files), use

o JDEM Driver is new (Japanese DEM format).

o FujiBAS Driver is new.

o ERMapper ECW Driver is new.

o GDAL Bridge: upgraded to include new entry points, like GCP access and
nodata api.

o gdal_translate: added the -not_scrict option.

o GDALGetRandomRasterSample(): Return magnitude for random samples.

o Added use of CPL_CVSID macro in most source files. Running the RCS ident
command on any GDAL executable or shared library should now give a listing
of most object file versions from which it was built.

o Various improvements so that static builds will work under Cygwin.

o Various improvements so that builds can be done on MacOS X.

o Overviews: Implement AVERAGE_MAGPHASE option for complex image overviews.

o Added support for sub datasets to gdalinfo, core api and OGDI raster driver.

o The size of the GDAL cache can now be overridden with the GDAL_CACHEMAX
environment variable (measured in MB).

o Added Driver implementation tutorial to documentation.

o Added apps/gdaltindex.c - application for building tile indexed raster
datasets suitable for use with UMN MapServer.

GDAL 1.1.5 Significant Bug Fixes:

- Don't try to get GCPs from scanlines with no prefix data.

o GeoTIFF:
- Fixed handling of RGBA band ordering on big endian systems.
- Fixed bugs in overview generation, especially when updating in place.

o gdal-config should work properly in all situations now.

o JPEG Driver: improved magic number tested to avoid ignoring some jpeg files.

o FITS Driver: lots of fixes and improvements.

OGR 1.1.5 New Features:

o Implemented support for attribute query filters (SetAttributeFilter())
on OGRLayer, provided SWQ based implementation, plugged into all
drivers and added hooks to ogrinfo.

o MapInfo Driver:
- Added accelerated spatial query support.
- Upgraded to current MITAB source as of GDAL release date.

o S-57 Driver:
- Added support for applying S-57 updates automatically.

o SDTS Driver:
- Added ENID and SNID to line features.
- Return coordinate system in WKT instead of PROJ.4 format.

o Shapefile Driver:
- Auto determine shapefile type from first object written.
- Added good support for NULL shapes, and NULL attribute fields.
- Added support for .prj files (read and write).

o PostgreSQL Driver:
- Added PostGIS support.
- Pass attribute queries through to PostgreSQL.

o NTF Driver:
- Added support for GTYPE 5 geometries (a type of arc).
- Added support for GEOMETRY3D records in indexed (generic) datasets.

o TIGER/Line Driver:
- Added write support.
- Improved read support for TIGER 2000.

o OLE DB Provider:
- Added support for spatial queries via ICommand parameters.
- Added support for attribute queries by parsing out WHERE clause.
- In general substantial rework and extentions were made to make it
work with ESRI and AutoDesk clients.

o Added gdal/data/stateplane.txt - a test file with one line per state plane
zone for applications wanting to present options to users.

o Install ogrsf_frmts.a on install if building with OGR support enabled.

o Reports layer extents in ogrinfo.

OGR 1.1.5 Significant Bugs:

o OGRSpatialReference:
- Fix bug with extracting linear units from EPSG derived definitions.
- Fixed bug translating LCC from EPSG to WKT (importFromEPSG()).
- Improved IsSame() test for GEOGCS now.
- Fixed crash if PROJECTION missing from PROJCS definition.

o S-57:
- Improve recovery from corrupt line geometries.
- Read objects as generic if the object class is not recognised.
- Handle LIST attributes as a string, instead of as a single int.

o NTF:
- Fixed circle conversion to polylines to close the circle properly.
- Upped MAX_LINK to 5000 to handle much more complex geometries.

o DGN:
- Don't include elements with the complex bit set in extents

o OGRGeometry:
- Fixed WKT format (import and export) for various container types.
- WKT import fixed for coordinates, and Z coordinates.

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