[gdal-dev] Multiresolution images

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at p...
Tue Sep 25 11:45:10 EDT 2001

Lowell Johnson wrote:

> Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems that it may be possible to
> interpret a given image as multi-resolution if each GDALRasterBand object
> has a different XSize, YSize.


In theory that might be possible; however, GDAL was developed with the
assumption that all bands on a given GDALDataset are of the same size and
same geographic area. Any breaking of this assumption could have dramatic

> Overall, I've been quite impressed with the GDAL capabilities (as
> documented). We are in the process of replacing our existing image I/O
> library with one that is more flexible and portable. We have been planning
> to develop our own library because we didn't expect to find a good
> existing match for our requirements. At this point GDAL is looking very
> promising and our hope is that we can use it without the need for internal
> modifications to the core functionality. If so, we will be adding several
> image formats, including NDF, MODIS, Landsat 7, CIB, and undoubtedly others
> that I'm forgetting. Our efforts are government-sponsored and as such are
> released into the public domain. So we will have no problems sharing any
> code that we develop with the larger community.

I would be excited to have your team utilize GDAL and I am willing to do
what I can to make that more practical, including providing CVS commit access
to your developers.

Note that GDAL already has slightly indirect support for CIB via the link to
OGDI. OGDI has a pretty good seamless CIB reader. I have been using that via
GDAL for a recent military pilot project run by OGC.

Is modis data distributed in HDF-EOS format? I am very keen to build HDF-EOS
support into GDAL and I am following a couple of contract possibilities to make
that happen.

What landsat 7 format are you looking to implement? Is this the FAST-L7A
format? I have had some interest in it before, but never got around to
implementing it.

NDF is the NLAPS data format, right? That should be easy to implement. I
did it once in PCIs GeoGateway.

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