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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at p...
Tue Sep 25 11:59:01 EDT 2001

diana at m... wrote:

> per the new release:
> gifdataset.cpp:178: `struct ExtensionBlock' has no member named
> `Function'
> make[2]: *** [gifdataset.o] Error 1
> per previous and new release:
> Also, I have not found the c equiv routines GDALSetMetadata,
> GDALSetMetadataItem or GDALGetMetadataItem. I was hoping to see them
> in the newest version .....


Sorry for the delay in responding. I meant to implement the new functions
before replying, and then your email dropped down in my queue.

I have implemented the C entry points for the various metadata functions, and
fleshed out the documentation that was missing on metadata functions. I am
attaching gdalmajorobject.cpp which you should be able to drop into a 1.1.5
source distribution to get the changes, or just updated from CVS.

On the gifdataset.cpp problem, this seems to relate to differences between
the functions I use and the version of libungif installed on your system.
For the time being, use --with-gif=internal to use the internal GDAL
copy of libungif. Perhaps I can fix up the configure logic to handle this
better in the future.

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