TAB-support patches

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at p...
Tue Sep 25 15:31:07 EDT 2001

Petri J. Riipinen wrote:

> Hi Frank,
> Ok, here you go! Three patches that should add support for parsing the 
> affine transformation coefficients from tab-files when opening 
> TIFF/GeoTIFF-files.
> I used pretty much the same mechanism as the tfw-file reading. I used 
> only those tab-files that I have as an example, so I'm not sure how 
> generic my tab-file parsing is. But it seems to work at least with my 
> files!


I have incorporated the code you provided directly into geotiff.cpp with
a few minor modifications. It seems to work well!

> I also discovered one bug/feature:
> When doing 'make install' on GDAL-directory, it copies '' 
> into /usr/local/lib. Shouldn't that be as all the other 
> libs seem to have the version numbers after '.so'....?!? It seems also 
> that ldconfig doesn't make the symlink at all, if the name is 

This is my contrarian nature coming through. I don't want ldconfig or
other things imagining they can deduce information from the version numbers
in my library. I just want them treated as plain libraries. The version
numbers are essentially only for user consumption, and I am not planning on
changing the major version from 1.1. till there is a major loss of backwards

Perhaps one day I will allow GDAL to sink fully into the clutches of libtool
and all the normal ways of handling shared libraries ... but not today. :-)

Best regards,

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