Solaris SPARC segfault

gilles.cherix at f... gilles.cherix at f...
Sun Feb 10 08:52:08 EST 2002

Hello all,

I'm trying to run mapserver's PHP/mapscript 3.5 release under solaris 
sparc (on a blade 100 running the latest solaris release).

Sor far i've got everything to compile using GNU tools.

GDAL 1.1.5 and CVS compile only when using every internal libs version.

The problem is that when i try to use the mapscript php module i get a 
segmentation fault.

Here's the back trace that gdb gave me :

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0xff1b27f0 in _longjmp ()
(gdb) where
#0 0xff1b27f0 in _longjmp ()
#1 0xfe9f3608 in ?? ()
#2 0xfe7596d0 in ?? () from /usr/local/gdal/lib/
#3 0xfe76b0f0 in ?? () from /usr/local/gdal/lib/
#4 0xfe9f3f90 in ?? ()
#5 0xfe9f3ed8 in ?? ()
#6 0xfe9d94f0 in ?? ()
#7 0xfe9b7798 in ?? ()

#8 0xfec33fc4 in execute ()
#9 0xfec3430c in execute ()
#10 0xfec3430c in execute ()
#11 0xfec45808 in zend_execute_scripts (type=8, file_count=3) at 
#12 0xfec5b42c in php_execute_script (primary_file=0xffbef578) at 

That doesn't help me much...

Is there a way to have more information on where the probleme resides?

The php code used try to load PNG images...

Thanks in advance

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