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Mon Sep 2 05:23:36 EDT 2002

> What are the world file extensions supported for non-GIS raster
> formats like the PNG, GIF, JPEG/JFIF etc?
> >From the information I got so far, it ERSI is using the following
> Windows Bitmap (*.bmp) --> *.bmpw or *.bpw
> TIFF (*.tiff, *.tif, *.tff) --> *.tfw
> Sun Raster File (*.sun, *.ras) --> *.snw, *.rsw
> However, I could not get information on the PNG, GIF and JPEG.
> Which source file contains these information?

PNG driver can create world files with .wld suffix and read world files
with .wld, .tfw, and .tifw. For GIF .wld suffix supported for reading
and creation. For JPEG files .jgw and .wld suffixes supported for
reading and .wld for creation. This information missed from drivers
documentation, I have fix it.

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