[gdal-dev] World File Extensions

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Mon Sep 2 06:54:09 EDT 2002

> I have searched the sources for these information, which source file
> contains the information?

Source files for individual datasets contains all needed information.
Look into /frmts/<drivername>/<drivername>dataset.cpp files and search
them for words `WORLDFILE' and `wld'.
Functions GDALReadWorldFile() and GDALWriteWorldFile() implemented in
the /core/gdal_misc.cpp.

> Finally, what is the format for the general world file? (I have seen 6 lines
> of numerical values in the *.tfw, but could not understand them).

It is coefficients of the affine transform.

<pixel width>
<row rotation>
<column rotation>
<pixel height>
<X coordinate of the top left pixel center>
<Y coordinate of the top left pixel center>

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