[Gdal-dev] MrSID format (+ GDAL doc page)

Aleksey Naumov naumov at acsu.buffalo.edu
Fri Aug 1 15:08:23 EDT 2003

Dear Frank and GDAL developers,

Is there any way to read MrSID files without the DSDK from LizardTech? I have 
a few orthophotos in MrSID format and I'd like to convert them to another, 
non-proprietory format. Paying for DSDK $500 is not really an option. :-(
Unfortunately, the decode utility downloadable from LizardTech does not work 
for me, the tar file does not even extract properly.

A unrelated note on GDAL main documentation page (index.html) -- 2 fixes under 
Key Documentation Entry Points:
	- edit links to GDALDataset and GDALRasterBand classes to remove the '_' in 
files names (class_GDALDataset.html => classGDALDataset.html)
	- "gdal_utilities.html" page seems not provided with the package (CVS), I 
think it should be, the utils are great and the page is very useful!


Aleksey Naumov
GIS Analyst
Center for Health and Social Research
Buffalo State College

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